We do all kinds of folk dance: from the early dances of the 16th & 17th century through to the country-house dances and grand balls of the 18th and 19th century and on to modern ones written and influenced by all those earlier styles.

Most are traditional English dances but there’s also some American contras and squares, plus occasional  Scottish, Welsh and European contributions.

Membership fluctuates around 50 with an average of 25 attending every week.

We have 6 club members who call at the weekly meetings and we book guest callers from
surrounding folk dance clubs to call for us from time to time.

We also hold two Dancers' Dances each year bringing in well known callers and bands for the afternoon.



New members are always welcome - come and visit us!  

If you’ve been to a Barn Dance, Ceilidh or folk festival then you will have some idea of what to expect.  Or maybe you remember back to schooldays?

You'll find that you can join in straightaway – you don’t need any special knowledge, equipment or even to bring a partner - and our members are only too happy to help newcomers because they’ve all “been there”

A caller introduces each dance and explains the movements……….beginners can quickly pick up the basics; there are no difficult steps to learn, and the caller is there to remind you what comes next.

Your first visit is free and if you like us you can join us! After that, for the grand sum of £2 per week you can continue to work out and enjoy the many and varied dances that we do.  If you stay then membership is £5 p.a. to help cover the cost of quarterly newsletters, hall hire, etc.

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